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In 2005, the Hearing Talk Foundation launched the "China Mission" to provide assistance to impoverished children and the elderly in China who are affected by hearing and speech communication difficulties. The "China Mission" is the only medical program in China that provides free ear surgery.

The foundation has carried out the "China Mission" in Chongqing, Fuzhou, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan, Xi'an, Nanning, Xining, Xiangyang, Ezhou, Chenzhou, Jiaozuo, Mianyang, Sanya, Huizhou, Zhangzhou, Dehong Prefecture, Enshi Prefecture, and Ganzhou, performing over 1,239 real-time ear surgeries for impoverished patients with ear diseases.

To achieve long-term and sustained benefits, the foundation has also organized medical lectures and surgery observation sessions for ear, nose and throat specialists, nurses, audiologists, and speech therapists from various provinces in mainland China and Hong Kong, promoting the exchange of medical techniques between the two regions. More than 5,525 surgical doctors have received training in different types of ear surgery projects. In rural areas of China, the foundation has also conducted hearing tests for over 4,298 hearing-impaired children.

Hearing Aid Donation Campaign

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Since the first “Sponsor-a-Hearing-Aid” programme and the “Define Hearing for the Aged” Hearing Aid Donation Campaign, over 600 hearing aids (over HK$3 millions in value) were given to the elderly in need.  The project served the niche population who slightly better off than the recipient of the Social Security Allowance Scheme in Hong Kong but cannot afford a hearing aid.

Hearing Assessment to Elderly

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Over 1,400 elderly signed up for the hearing screening service for the elderly in Hong Kong.  It was revealed that 34.2% of elderly aged over 60 suffering from hearing loss and one-fifth of them experienced depression. Research result was extensively covered in local media.

Health Talks and Photo Exhibition

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The photo exhibition tour and health talks in primary and secondary schools have reached over 36,000 students.

Launch On-line Hearing Screening

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Interactive on-line hearing screening encouraged youth to take part in the hearing test.  Over 470,000 secondary school students were reached.

Public Talks on Communicative Disorders

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Public awareness on childhood speech and language development were enhanced by a series of public talks and screening service.


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Publications in form of pamphlets, booklets, internet resources and journal articles were published.  A new internet screening test for secondary school children was designed.